That Gok Wan. He's always jumping in front of us when the paps are around!

Ok, that's a lie, but last night at a party hosted by Samsung to celebrate the opening of the exhibition, 'The Red Thread: The Inspiration and Passion of Valentino Garavani', team CQ were unwittingly caught in the background of some of the paparazzi shots. Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Margo Stilley, William Moseley, Natalie Press, Ben Grimes, Liberty Ross and (one for the geeks) Jamie Bamber, we spent the night quaffing champagne surrounded by Valentino gowns andTV screens showing a sneak preview of 'Valentino: The Last Emperor', the documentary by Matt Tyrnauer...

From what we saw, it definitely looks worth a watch if you adore the world of couture. Valentino is one of the masters, and now he's retired, this is the only way to get a look behind the scenes at how he created iconic dresses like Julia Roberts' famous Oscar gown.

So what was the goss from the party? Well, Gok was on form and lovely as always, Natalie Press (who we also saw at the John Rocha show earlier in the week) is beautiful and so chic it hurts. William Moseley was irritatingly gorgeous (something I really shouldn't admit considering how young he is) and looking very dapper in a gold trimmed blazer, jeans and a very big belt buckle.

Olivia Inge was also there in a pinstripe suit that left little to the imagination worn with nothing underneath, while Margo was attempting to pull off...well, you can see the trousers. The annoying thing is, she's so tall, slim and model-like that she can actually get away with it.

I only wish I'd worn black. Everyone else did.

[photos: Richard Young/Rex Features]