Iso faceriser.jpgIsabelle writes...

The Telegraph ran a story this weekend about women on a fashion detox; the women ranged from Fashion lecturer to PR director but they were all concerned about one thing, their fashion intake. From spending hundreds a month on clothes (I wish!) they all analysed their spending habits and changed the way they shopped.

The women cut back and made sure they were more alert and aware of what they already and in their wardrobe before splurging. It's a little but like taking the Buddhist principles of mindfulness and applying them to shopping.

I have to confess I'm no Zen shopper buying a couple of pieces a week (can you call them pieces if they're from a charity shop? ha!) but I like to tell myself that at least it's ethical because it's all coming from charity shops. After reading the Observer Katie Grand interview where I found out that she hasn't chucked a single item of clothing since she was 15 my urge to hoard has been even greater. The compulsion to create a mini-museum of clothing in your own home is something a lot of people in fashion feel the need to do.

I have to applaud Ex-Elle Editor and Project Runway judge Nina Garcia for whittling down her list of essentials to a hoarder-pleasing hundred in her second book 'The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own' which came out last week. There are a few iffy choices like fishnet tights (seriously, fishnets?!) but choosing from a hundred items seems like the ideal figure for me. If you dress for your mood and your mood changes as often as mine, a hundred items is a necessity!

Could you detox your wardrobe to the bare minimum or are you a Katie Grand-wannabe?