coleen_realstylebooklaunch.jpgWAG favourite, Coleen McLoughlin (or is it Coleen Rooney these days?) launched her new fashion book, Coleen's Real Style, yesterday in Essex. But before the book had a chance to hit the shelves, the TV presenter was quick to silence her critics:

"I know what the criticism is going to be before the book is even launched. It's going to be, 'What does she know about fashion and style she got it wrong here, she got it wrong there'. But those people who criticise me, what do they know about fashion that I don't know?" she told the Mirror.

"I've won a few awards for fashion and the main thing is that I'm not telling people how to dress or what to buy I'm just giving my advice," she added.

Coleen is currently filming the second series of her ITV reality show, Coleen's Real Women. But does all this make her qualified to give style advice? Will you be buying her new book? Tell us below.

[Image: Jonathan Hordle/Rex Features]