Britney Spears in sparkly Versace.jpgContrary to recent internet whispers, Britney Spears will not be appearing on the cover of American Vogue any time soon.

The rumours began when gossip columnist Liz Smith reported that famed photographer, Patrick Demarchelier, had flown from London to the U.S. to snap the singer especially for the style bible.

However, a source has told E! Online that the photo-shoot must be for another magazine, claiming that Anna Wintour "will never put her on the cover again".

Ouch! Want to know why? Then read on m'dears...

According to the source, Britney's first and only Vogue cover appearance in November 2001, was a huge flop for the glossy sales-wise. But whether it was because of her, or because it was published a mere weeks after September 11, who knows?

"She's just not a Vogue kind of girl," the source added.

Hmm... probably not but then neither are most of the faces appearing on the cover these days.

Meanwhile, a rep for the mag has confirmed that Britney "is not appearing on or in Vogue." So that puts an end to that. Although if you ask me, Ms Wintour may wish to reconsider, for I'm guessing there are plenty of other magazines which would pay big moolah to see Britters make her comeback cover for them.

[Image: Rex Features]