redduffelbargain.jpgIt's quite possible that it's a bit early to be looking at Winter coats. But it is September now, and we all know how quickly it gets cold. Also, when it comes to coats, you snooze you lose. Wait too long and all the bargains will be gone. I remember chasing a particular coat around all of London's Dorothy Perkins stores two years ago.

Speaking of bargains, this red duffel coat is definitely a good buy. Ok, it has a slight Paddington Bear vibe (though his was blue) but there's nothing better when it's cold than snuggling into a cosy coat, and this one has the bonus of a funnel neck and a hood to keep you warm and dry. The red will brighten a few moods during the dull days to come (*vomit*) and the price will definitely make you smile. It's £28 from Peacocks.