Romance Was Born.jpg
At a gig recently I spotted the most amazing pair of grey jeans with cord piping running around the legs. When I asked the owner of the jeans where they came from she told me it was her friend's Australian label Romance Was Born.
Design duo Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett met at East Sydney Technical College and turned down an internship at Galliano to create their own label. The pair have teamed up with artist Del Katrhyn Barton for their last few collections, Barton produces their digitally printed fabrics and Plunkett and Sales whip them up into edgy, fun clothing. The pieces have a playful, whimsical feel without being too twee. Unfortunately they currently don't have any UK stockists, but hopefully this will change soon.
...Now if only I could get my hands on a pair of those jeans!

Romance Was Born Namaste.jpg