blackbook_tildaswintonfallfashion08.jpgFor me, Tilda Swinton is a bit of an enigma. She is, without a doubt, one of our most beautiful female stars, and yet, she freely admits that she feels far more 'resigned' to dress as a boy.

"All the girly stuff is not relaxed for me. It's hard work," she tells Blackbook magazine. In fact, when a photographer for the shoot remarked that the Oscar-winner looked a bit too much like a boy, Swinton response was: "that's kind of who I am."

"It feels more natural for me to wear a tux than a ball gown - that is a kind of transvestism for me. I never had an aspiration to look like a doll, which is fortunate."

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On making her own clothes... "I wore a dress the other day that I made when I was 15 or 16... It was hand done, because I had never learned how to operate an electric sewing machine. Maybe that's the reason I like wearing hand-made clothes, because I really appreciate the work that goes into them."

On her favourite designers, Viktor & Rolf... "They made a really personal and slightly untidy and vagrant attitude in me really beautiful in the clothes they created--and that's really a dream."

On Rodarte... "Their clothes have attitude. And the physical quality of their clothes is delicious... You can feel that hands made their clothes."

On winning an Academy Award... "The Motion Academy of doo da - what was it called? The prize is probably the most famous in the world. For months, at least, people can tell you who won the Oscars, but nobody really knows who wins the Pulitzer Prize or the Nobel Peace Prize. It's shameful, but true. A lot of people really want one - really, really want one. And I'm embarrassed because I never did, and I feel a little ashamed that I was given one when I didn't really want one."

On who gave her the nickname 'Swilda'... "The only person I ever met who called me Swilda, who gave me that name, is Matt Dillon... I don't know. Maybe he was drunk."

On the press speculation about her supposed ménage a trios love life... "We don't read that stuff and we don't know anybody who does... Everybody who knows us is so relaxed about everything and, as far as I can make out, the scandalous idea about us is that we're really happy - that's the shock. If the people we live amongst do read it, they very sweetly lay it to one side when they're around us. It really doesn't affect us. It's fairy stories, of the worst kind."

[via Blackbook]