ericdaman_dressinggossipgirls.jpgYou may recall us introducing you to Eric Daman, the costume designer from Gossip Girl, earlier this year - if not, then check out this video and reacquaint yourself. Daman, a former Calvin Klein model who has worked with Kate Moss, recently spilled the beans to WWD, on what it is really like to dress our favourite gossipy girls.

"I always make sure I mix some of the higher-end looks with something from a less expensive brand. I use stuff from Forever 21 and H&M all the time. I always want to make kids feel like they can look at what the characters are wearing and they can afford to go out and buy something for themselves," he said.

On whether any of the actors have a say on what they can wear... "Of course they do; I'm not a fashion Nazi or anything. Blake [Lively] and Leighton [Meester] love to give their input, but they understand that I am there to help them create and develop their characters. I think they all have a lot of trust in me, but they all do give their opinions."

On which is his favourite character to dress... "I love dressing Chuck Bass (played by Ed Westwick). I think we've worked to make his character dress really well. I want to try and pioneer a movement where straight men dress better. Girls do it, so now it's time for the guys to step up and get rid of those ugly T-shirts and square-toe shoes"

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