There seems to be a love her/hate her divide surrounding celeb-stylist Rachel Zoe. Famed for dressing the Hollywood It-girl fash pack in a uniform of big sunnies, big dresses and even bigger bags (and all on incredibly tiny frames), the identikit thing all really hit the fan when Nicole Richie fired Zoe back in 2006 for what she called "promoting unhealthy body images".

Whether you think she's a fashion genius or are so over the "Zoe look" you can't face seeing another pair of uber huge sunnies in your life, the Zoe-ster is still out there working just as much as ever and capturing it on her reality show The Rachel Zoe Project. FabSugar have posted a 20-minute sneaky preview of what we can expect (tears, plenty of tears) and I have to say, I'm intrigued... Have a watch and then tell us what you think. Will you be watching?