stylethisblouse.jpgSTYLE THIS IS BACK! SO WHERE ARE YOU?!

Style this was always a popular CQ challenge, so I was really excited to bring it back. But where did you all go? This week we've only had one entry, so I'm opening it up for another week. Each week (usually on a Monday) we will set you a challenge to style an outfit around a certain item. Your job is to scour the web to find the perfect complimentary items to create a dream outfit. It's your chance to prove you can give Catwalk Queen a run for our money (or, quite possibly, blow us spectacularly out of the water)...

Every Friday, we will post all the entries in a gallery, and get you guys to vote for a winner. The winner will be announced the following Monday, as the next challenge is set. Some weeks we'll have prizes, some weeks we'll pit you against our staff or interns, other times it'll all just be for fun.

This week's item is this purple frilled blouse from Monsoon. The creator of the best outfit will get a treat from the beauty cupboard, so it's definitely worth giving it a go.

To enter, we need two things. Your outfit, and a list of links to the products you used to make it.

If you don't send everything we need or if your email subject is wrong, we might not be able to find or use your outfit, so please read the rules below carefully.

We suggest you use Polyvore to create the outfit. It's a free tool that'll allow you to drag and drop different clothes and accessories into a collage. It'll also list the links, so you don't have to keep track yourself. We've already clipped the item.

If you'd rather create an image yourself, please make sure it is 480 pixels across. No smaller, no larger. This is so it fits into our gallery. If it's not the right size, it may not get featured (or it'll look bad if it does).

Submit your entries by Thursday evening to polyvore creation and we'll grab the image ourselves, or send a jpeg image and a list of links to the items in your outfit.