katemosstopshop_eyeschina.jpgCould Kate Moss for Topshop soon be coming China's way? That is the buzz right now, after the Daily Mail reported that Sir Philip Green is in the midst of signing a deal to rent a space at the Shanghai Superbrand Mall, with further locations tipped for Beijing and Hong Kong.

"For the Chinese teenager with an eye on Western fashions, Kate Moss is pretty much the coolest person on the planet. Philip Green knows that only too well," a source told the paper.

If true, then Moss looks set to reap some pretty major rewards, i.e. about £25 million worth.

According to the article, the supermodel has been asked to spearhead the launch (perhaps that's what the two of them were catching up about in Ibiza recently?) with her own capsule collections for the retailer.

Capitalising on a growing economy in China, the volume of sales based on population stats looks set to be very beneficial indeed for both Moss and Green. In addition to their latest assault on the U.S., I'd say that things can only get better for this partnership.

As for Green's response to this rumoured deal: "Nothing has been confirmed yet".

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[Source / Image: Richard Young/Rex Features]