The Olympics just wouldn't be quite as interesting without a little love triangle gossip. Golden boy, Michael Phelps, has been linked with not one... but two ladies in recent days.

To find out who, read on...

Rumour has it that Mr 14-sized Flippers could be dating fellow U.S. team mate, Amanda Beard, who recently made headlines after posing nude for a PETA campaign.

Meanwhile, our favourite rumour is that he is seeing our very own Lily Donaldson. According to reports, the pair met on a photo-shoot and have been seeing each other ever since. They are also represented by the same agency, IMG. Well then... that does it, they surely must be an item!

We already know that he has one supermodel fan in Cindy Crawford, who first met the swimming sensation four years ago.

"I'm rooting for Michael Phelps along with the rest of the world," she said at a press conference in China. "I'm friendly with him. We met four years ago when he was just trying out for his first Olympics. And to see how far he's come... He was a kid and now he's just so much more poised and handling the pressure so well."

Talk about some serious lady love. What will happen now that he has got the eight gold?

[Image: Rex Features / TFS]