If there's one thing I've learned working so closely with the girl geeks, it's that the links between fashion and technology are strong. The past few years we've seen everything from designer Sky+ boxes to mobile phones from big names like Armani and Prada. The latest collaboration comes from London fashion darlings PPQ, who've teamed up with the Carphone Warehouse to create a limited edition BlackBerry pouch...

At £50, the little pink and black pouch is hardly cheap, but with proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support you can at least be safe in the knowledge you're helping someone by being a label-hound. It's made to hold the BlackBerry curve, which has had a bit of a makeover itself, with two new colours (amethyst and pink) or the BlackBerry pearl (which now comes in silver).

The pouch is available from Carphone Warehouse, Selfridges, PPQ'S flagship London store, as well as on www.oli.co.uk. There are only 150 available though, so you'd best get your skates on!