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Cloe's Back to School picks have me wishing I was still a kid, maybe I can buy myself some pencil cases, 4-colour biros and notebooks and pretend? [The one, the only scubasocks]
Peggy Guggenheim, Penelope Tree and Jefferson Airplane's Grace Slick, now there's a formidable trio of stylish women and not a Peaches or Paris in sight! [Hipster Musings]
I have to admit sequinned butterfly backless tops are not high on my wishlist, but the way Rumi rocks it I might have to change my wishlist. [Fashion Toast]
Add a new word to your vocabulary, 'jewellerywear', Maria Francesca Pepe's work is much more than your average necklace [Kingdom of Style]
OMG LOLZ!!1! Rachael is going nuts for internet-themed jewellery [Fur Coat, No Knickers]