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I'm ready to down tools and go shopping as Susie Bubble has revealed her favourite charity shops including a Trinny Hop (my fave chazza "brand") [Style Bubble]
Another of my favourite things, Miranda July. DSG has got the honour of being included in the Middleborough exhibition thanks to her 'Worry About It Later' banner. Wise words. [Disney Rollergirl]
Rachael's babushka necklace is giving me that Friday feeling [Fur Coat, No Knickers]
Third favourite thing: Hayao Miyazaki, Slowboat watched a documentary by him and it makes me want to snuggle under the duvet and watch Kiki's Delivery Service for the 100th time. [A Slowboat to Mediocrity]
Camille has a fringe, and in other news went for sushi with her mum, yum! [Childhood Flames]