I've been playing 'Rainy Days and Mondays' by The Carpenters a lot recently, and it's obviously inspired this rainy day outfit (yep, I know it's not Monday) which is also my way of sticking two fingers up to Liz Jones and her 'don't dress like a 12-year-old if you're in your twenties' rule. Pah! If I want to wear stripey socks and pinafore dresses with my new Babycham wellies, I will. When it's raining, you need something silly to make you smile!


Button down denim dress £15 Boohoo.com
Billy Bluebird necklace £12 Punky Pins
Red long-sleeved top £7 Dorothy Perkins
Printed rain mac £60 Topshop
Babycham rainbow wellies £29.99 available at Schuh
Rainbow striped toe socks $16 Sock Dreams