If you weren't a kid (or a fan) of the '80s, then you'd probably find most of what Molly Ringwald wore in her hit teen flicks pretty unforgivable. And why wouldn't you? Looking back now, it was merciless what the poor thing was made to wear. That's why it comes as little surprise that Ringwald is carrying around regrets about her former days in The Breakfast Club. She recently told the Star Tribune: "Now, I wish that I'd kept those boots. I loved those boots,"

Ah yes, those Ralph Lauren lace-up brown boots (above, right)... We feel your pain, Mols!

Despite what the young-un's of today might say (god, how old do I sound?) at the time, us followers of the '80s actually fell over ourselves to dress like Ringwald and co. Her style sent masses of us dancing around our lounge rooms in plastic bangles and fake Ray Ban Wayfarers, which could easily be mistaken for, well... the young-un's of today. As the Tribune points out, Ringwald 'was an antidote to '80s power dressing and empowered the eccentric social underdog.'

"I never thought of myself as a style icon," she adds. "I wore all that vintage because my parents kept me on an allowance... My style was based on necessity."

And yet here we are today, obsessed with vintage and eagerly applaud the retro styling of Agyness Deyn, Chloe Sevigny, and Zooey Deschanel. Perhaps on second thoughts, Ringwald's teenage wardrobe isn't quite so unforgivable after all?

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