rickowens_londonstoreannounce.jpgLondon brace yourself for a dose of Rick Owens. That's right the California-born, Paris-based designer is about to open up his first London store on Audley Street in Mayfair, which will include his head on a plate.

OK, not literally. But there will be a waxwork figure of his head on a plate, a theme which he has continued from his Paris store, starring a Madame Tussauds wax sculpture of himself.

"Paris is plush and insulated in the Palais Royal. New York is bleak and open with a fog machine installation and London will have a waxwork representation of my head on a plate for a more classical mood," he told Dazed Digital.

When asked what he thought about London, Owens replied: "I think the young people are the most beautiful that I've seen anywhere."

"I don't know London that well, but there seems to be a nice mix there and I love being next to Sadie Cole's gallery."

Owens will open up new stores in both London and New York this summer. To read the full interview - click here.

[Image: Rex Features]