katie_jeanstomcruisestyle.jpgStill trying to get your head around Katie Holmes' pegged jeans look (pictured far, left)? Me, I don't mind them, but I've found that few others share my humble opinion.

Nevertheless, you might be interested to know that her favourite pair of men's jeans aren't even hers... they actually belong to hubby Tom Cruise, according to the couple's stylist, Jeanne Yang.

Do couples really have stylists?

Yang also confirmed that they are Prps Jeans, which will soon debut a female version of this men's style.

"Prps has adapted the style for women in the new fall collection as the Boyfriend jean," Kim Dillard, a rep for Prps Jeans, told Us magazine.

Meanwhile, it seems that the actress has finally given her 'hubby' jeans a break, by switching over to a pair of high-waisted, super-wide leg jeans featuring tie-belt (pictured near, left). They are by J Brand and are available to buy for US$275.

The world holds its breath to see what jean style Mama Cruise will be modelling next...

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