jovonnagemma.jpgIt's not often you stumble across an item of clothing with the same name as you. It's even less often that you'll stumble across something with the same name as you that you actually like.

But that happened today, when I found London boutique line Jovonna's 'Gemma' fishtail trench coat (£79). it's got a really beautiful graduated pleat detail on the back that adds a bit of unique detailing to the classic trench shape. It's also single-breasted, so it can be worn open as well as buttoned and belted. Perfect, since the big problem I have with my beloved Gap trench is that it's double-breasted so difficult to throw on in a hurry!

The only problem with this one? Well, this Gemma won't be squeezing into one without a diet and a breast reduction. The so-called 'Large' is only a 12. Oh well, perhaps I'll have to settle for my namesake handbag instead?