Despite her many ramblings down a red carpet, Keira Knightley still hasn't conquered the art of walking in high heels. "I can't walk in heels," she told this month's Glamour magazine. "I'm always so impressed when a woman can walk in heels," she said.

Keep reading to hear her views on style, Sienna Miller, and singing...


On her own style... "My style has changed because I didn't have any style."

On buying designer clothing... "I think as you get more well known, more designers lend you dresses. But you always give them back like Cinderella because you shouldn't be buying them; £20,000 for one night?! As far as expensive stuff goes , I'm not good at shopping - I'm better at cheap stuff."

On her friendships with other women... "I don't think I'm very good at figuring out female friendships. I think they're quite tricky to navigate. I have a lot of friends who are guys and I find that manipulation and jealousy don't come into it as much, whereas those things can happen easily between women."

On Sienna Miller... "I love Sienna. I think she is a wonderful actress. But we've been like two ships in the passing night recently. I think that's what's lovely but also sad about acting. You get incredibly close to people for that moment and as soon as it's over you don't see each other. You're away from home, in this case Wales. It's a very intense relationship for a while, and then it's not anymore."

On her first singing audition for the remake of My Fair Lady... "I told him [producer, Cameron Mackintosh] that [getting drunk] would be the only way I could sing in front of everyone."

On her own insecurities... "At this particular time, I probably am more comfortable with myself. But I don't believe anybody who says they don't have any insecurities and moments of feeling completely crap about themselves. I don't think it does anybody any good to pretend those moments don't exist. But just now I'm having a lovely time."

  • The September issue of Glamour magazine is out this week.