"I love being in the thick of things so it made sense to put myself bang smack in the middle!" That's Sarah Harding's justification for being the only member of Girls Aloud to put herself on a t-shirt when asked by KIT KAT® SENSES™ to come up with a design that reflected what really mattered to them...

The five t-shirts (one for each girl, natch) are being given away by the choccy brand the girls promote in support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK. Along with Sarah's Union Jack and Warhol-esque portrait, you could snag Cheryl's Geordie magpie, Nadine's art deco design, Nicola's Beatles 'Let it Be' homage, or Kimberley's 'Diversity' graffiti covered crown.

There's a run of 165 t-shirts, which will be given away for six week from the 18th August. Click here for info on how to get one (hint: it involves eating chocolate).