garethpugh_couldtopshopdidn't.jpgHere is an interesting little tidbit for you... Gareth Pugh was actually approached by Topshop to design a collection, but he turned them down. The designer, who is about to leave us for Paris Fashion Week (sob!) tells Dazed Digital, why...

DD: Would you enter a high street relationship?

GP: I really don't know - no. That's the thing, we got asked to do Topshop a while ago and there was just no way that they were ever going to be able to allow me to do the sort of things that I'd want to do for them, and for me to just do something that was very basic and make a line for Topshop really didn't make any sense at all, so I didn't go down that route which I'm kind of happy about because I hate the idea of being in Grazia [laughs].

So... with that cleared up finally, and with his 2008 ANDAM prize money (150,000 euros) in tow, how does he feel about leaving us for the chic lights of Paris? Here are few more interview excerpts.

DD: How do you feel about Paris?
GP: It's nice - I mean it's a lot scarier than London, I felt like in England I was very comfortable and sometimes that's not a very good way to be and with Paris it's very much taking myself out of the comfort zone.

DD: Do you have a "Farewell London" speech?
GP: Last words? [laughs] I don't know. I mean it's sad to leave London because it's obviously where I used to live and where I used to work and where all my friends are, but it's nice to be able to challenge myself and show in Paris. I think it was a necessary step because I've reached a certain sort of glass ceiling in London and the fact that even though I'm doing stuff that I was happy with myself I would still be thought of and talked about as a club kid or this, that or the other. To take myself completely out of that and try and get away from all of that association, it's kind of going to do me and it's going to do my business a lot of good. London is amazing for new talent and there are really exciting things that are going on but I don't think it's ever going to be one of those places that can ever be a proper well-respected place where Anna Wintour comes every season. Everybody asks each season what's the new thing, because people are so interested in the new thing, and they actually forget what to support, and what's going on. Though I do think London is good as it is because it's always been the sort of place where people need to come.