In the swinging sixties in London, Lesley Hornby was fashion. Going by her childhood nickname, Twiggy, she was the posterchild for the era's famous 'mod' look. She and her then boyfriend / manager Justin de Villeneuve were the Posh & Becks of their day, a power couple who ruled the world of style. And It's easy to see why. Twiggy's androgynous look, sleek short hair and doe eyes were the perfect foil for designs by the likes of Mary Quant and Courrèges.

These days, Twiggy is a Golden Globe winning actress, a singer and a 'legendary fashion icon' who's judged America's Next Top Model. She's a Marks and Spencer model, a designer for Littlewoods and still a huge inspiration to fashion fans worldwide. Click the image to view our gallery of some of Twiggy's most famous looks.