sizezero_cannotban.jpgThe battle to prevent size zero models on the catwalks at London Fashion Week seems to have suffered a blow, with the British Fashion Council expected to announce their intention to abandon their guidelines relating to model health certificates.

BFC chief executive, Hilary Riva, will state in an open letter to the industry, that plans to ask models to supply a doctor's certificate proving they are in good health, are unworkable.

"This will only work if it's an international solution," she said. "I would love for there to be a simpler solution. If we could just tick a box and move on it would make everyone's life easier but now this really is a long term behavioural and educational campaign."

Riva blamed a lack of support from the industry and international fashion week organisations, for not adopting similar guidelines, as the key reason behind the setback.

The BFC helped set-up the Model Health Inquiry last year, which proposed that models obtain doctor's certificates, costing them an estimated £250 to £500, to improve the industry's overall image. Riva added that some models felt discriminated by these proposals.

Considering all the great work that the BFC has done to combat this problem so far, let's hope this isn't a case of a job half done.