Zara Kenyon writes...

I've been reading Catwalk Queen since the age of 15, before it became part of Shiny Media, and I've followed it right up until now as a 20 year old, sitting in Shiny Towers, giving you readers some insight into what it's like as an intern behind the scenes.

Considering how long I've been a fan, coming into the office was bound to be a daunting but exciting experience. Click through to see how I got on in my first week.

Monday was day 1 for me, and after entering the office I got introduced to the rest of the team... via Skype! I was given my first job by fashion editor Gemma, and told to search for 8 of my favourite coloured wedding gowns for Bridalwave. No problem! By the time 5:30 rolled around, a day at the office seemed just like my average day at home: Look at dresses. Have lunch with friends. Look at dresses. Spend 2 hours trying to upload dress feature... Okay, maybe not the last part. But my first day left me in very high spirits.

This meant that when I woke up on Tuesday morning, I was looking forward to another day with the Shiny team. On this day I began another gallery for The Bag Lady. It's a bit of a sad hobby of mine to learn the designer of every handbag. I have a habit of muttering the names every time I see somebody in the street with a Marc Jacobs 'Stam' or Fendi 'Spy', and Mary-kate Olsen is a favourite of mine. So spending part of a day looking at and writing about her handbag collection was more enjoyable for me than it probably was meant to be. I then ended the day emailing ticket requests for the London Fashion Week shows, feeling actually sick with jealousy that someone in the room was probably going to be able to attend Christopher Kane's show. Sigh.

Wednesday began finishing off a gallery I'd started the previous evening. I thought it might be quite a slow day and that there wouldn't be much work for me...until Gemma approached me with a camera. I knew what was coming next, I read the blog enough to know that they do some street style, and the thought of running at strangers with a camera telling them how much I love their outfit didn't appeal straight away. However, it turned out to be a fun task, and an array of wonderfully dressed shoppers in Oxford Street pulled their best street style poses for Catwalk Queen, until the rain came falling down and my hair began to frizz.

Thursday began with me scouring the net for bargain of the week. I do love a bargain so that was no difficulty at all, I just went for something off my mental wishlist. The trouble with spending the whole of each day looking at beautiful clothes is that, being so close to Oxford Street, resisting the urge to shop at the end of the day is near enough impossible. But this day wasn't spent like the others as, after coming up with my £19 dress, it turned into full on spreadsheets, spreadsheets, spreadsheets.

And now it is Friday morning, and who knows what new tasks I will be given before the team winds down for the weekend? Something exciting I'm sure! Although I think I just heard something about a spreadsheet...