bay garnett shop style.jpgI like to think of myself as the Queen of Charity Shops but if anyone deserves that title it's Bay Garnett. She has worked as a stylist for Vogue and as a design consultant for Chloe as well as setting up the cult 'Cheap Date' fanzine with Kira Joliffe and the Cheap Date Guide to Style book.

We caught up with her at the launch of Shop Style, an awesome new shopping site which lets you search for clothes and accessories using the even the most ephemeral of search terms.

I use it constantly for clothing picks and you can even create your own outfit and share it with friends. Bay has compiled a few great outfits based on style icons as diverse as Janis Joplin and Princess Margaret. Click through to find out who Garnett's favourite style icon is as well as her tips for this season.

shop style.jpgAs a stylist what is it about Shop Style that appeals to you?
I find it inspirational - it is a way of creating your own ideas, your own style. It is about using your own imagination. What a breath of fresh air!!

What items of clothing will be on your searchlist?
Leopard jacket by See by Chloe, Marc Jacobs black patent bag, Alexander McQueen velvet shawl, French Sole leopard ballet pumps.

Have got any plans for another book or any other projects in the pipeline with Kira Joliffe?
Not right now, I wish I did though - I love having a project outside of styling - its just coming up with a good enough idea.

Who is your favourite style icon and why?

Gosh, bits of lots of different people; Anita Pallenberg for her sheer style and originality, Debbie Harry for her ballsy beauty, Jane Birkin for her bohemian chic and Charlotte Rampling for just always looking so incredible - and tons more!