Designer Pick of the Week - Balmain asymmetric mesh insert dress

balmaindress.jpgAfter all the hype surrounding Kate Moss and Mario Sorrenti's Purple cover, it's no surprise this week's Designer Pick of the Week comes from the designer responsible for Kate's zip and lace asymmetric dress.

This Balmain number is a slightly more subdued, easy to wear version, with less drama and a little more coverage, featuring just one mesh insert instead of the dozens on Kate's frock.

Sadly, it might be a while before you're able to get your hands on this little number unless you plan robbing a bank in the near future. Kate Moss glamour comes at a price. £7,970 to be exact. Ouch! Perhaps we'll just admire it from afar.

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School Uniform. It's just an excuse to accessorise.

gossipgirluniform.jpgI had to wear a uniform to school. Every day I was forced into a white shirt, a navy school sweatshirt and black or navy skirt / trousers. The staff were pretty strict on jewellery and footwear, so the only nod to fashion I could get away with was through my hair accessories. I had quite a reputation for my mad hair and I became quite skilled at all manner of twists, braids and buns...

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CQ Gallery: Icon from the past - Twiggy

In the swinging sixties in London, Lesley Hornby was fashion. Going by her childhood nickname, Twiggy, she was the posterchild for the era's famous 'mod' look. She and her then boyfriend / manager Justin de Villeneuve were the Posh & Becks of their day, a power couple who ruled the world of style. And It's easy to see why. Twiggy's androgynous look, sleek short hair and doe eyes were the perfect foil for designs by the likes of Mary Quant and Courrèges.

These days, Twiggy is a Golden Globe winning actress, a singer and a 'legendary fashion icon' who's judged America's Next Top Model. She's a Marks and Spencer model, a designer for Littlewoods and still a huge inspiration to fashion fans worldwide. Click the image to view our gallery of some of Twiggy's most famous looks.

Twiggy 12.jpg
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Industry Interview:'s Maria Milano

maria milano.jpgThis week's Industry Interview comes from Maria Milano, editor of

As editor of, I am involved in all aspects of the website's production, from writing, styling and editing my team's work to more strategic tasks including budget crunching and analysing traffic figures to make sure readers are getting more of what they want. Attending A-list parties and fashion shows are certainly a perk of the job, although the quick turn-around time of the web means they're also very hard work.

Read on to find out what Maria's trend predictions for A/W are and what she's been wearing to death...

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Psst... Could Peter Dundas replace Matthew Williamson at Pucci?

petedundas_atpucci.jpgCould super-cute (yes, I have a bit of a crush) Peter Dundas soon be headed Pucci's way?

The buzz about town is that the Norwegian-born designer has been in talks with the Italian fashion house about the possibility of taking over from Matthew Williamson.

Despite his current placement at furrier Revillon, which followed a gig at Emanuel Ungaro, Dundas maintains that he is "very happy at Revillon," and refused to comment further.

After three years, Williamson has decided not to extend his contract at Pucci, in order to focus on his signature label. Pucci is yet to officially announce who his successor will be.

[Image: Sipa Press/Rex Features]

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Pick of the Blogs: Mongrels in Common, lace-up shoes and holiday snaps

sicily lace up shoes clutches bag.jpg
Click image to enlarge

If you missed out on a summer holiday fear not, Alix's pretty Sicilian pictures will transport you better than any crummy Ryanair flight [Cherry Blossom Girl]
Karla in wide leg trousers... I like! [Karla's Closet]
Handbags and lace-ups a go-go from Knight Cat. It's reminded me to start polishing my collection of brogues/lace-ups. [Knight Cat]
Mad props to the Apathist for discovering Mongrels in Common, the collection is a delightful combination of interesting tailoring/volume and wearable fabrics [The Apathist]
Eli needs your help! Her Fornarina top isn't getting as much of an airing, how should she wear it? [Thrift Eye]

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Tilda Swinton on style, nicknames and her Oscar win: "I didn't really want one."

blackbook_tildaswintonfallfashion08.jpgFor me, Tilda Swinton is a bit of an enigma. She is, without a doubt, one of our most beautiful female stars, and yet, she freely admits that she feels far more 'resigned' to dress as a boy.

"All the girly stuff is not relaxed for me. It's hard work," she tells Blackbook magazine. In fact, when a photographer for the shoot remarked that the Oscar-winner looked a bit too much like a boy, Swinton response was: "that's kind of who I am."

"It feels more natural for me to wear a tux than a ball gown - that is a kind of transvestism for me. I never had an aspiration to look like a doll, which is fortunate."

More from her interview, after the cut...

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