TEAM TAVI STYLE ROOKIE NEW YORK TIMES.jpgThe New York Magazine has decided to publish an article on Tavi, aka Style Rookie, one of our favourite fashion bloggers on Catwalk Queen.
It starts off fairly flattering, describing Tavi's popularity and it must definitely feel exciting to be featured in an article on their site. The doubt starts creeping in as editor Jessica Coen writes:

If it weren't enough that she calls out Snoop "Doggy Dog" in the same paragraph that she drops "Margiela DIY,"

Fair enough, it isn't the norm for 12-year olds to know about Martin Margiela but any fashion blogger worth their salt knows there's been a spate of bloggers destroying their jeans to get his S/S08 look. Then it gets a little nasty:

she's "wanting" a "fringed vest" and "listening" to Feist

How can one "listen" to Feist? And "want" a fringed vest? I think Tavi "deserves" an "apology"!

It is true that the quality of Style Rookie is better than you'd expect but Coen underestimates the power of children to immerse themselves in a subject they love. I myself remember being obsessed with fashion at that age and delving headfirst into costume books and learning about Balenciaga and Dior. As for help, I'm almost sure she gets help, who wouldn't want to help out a passionate young woman?

When Jessica Coen asks us if we find the fuss over Tavi irritating she misses the point completely. The 'fuss' is merely support and encouragement that fellow bloggers shower over each other all the time. Blogging may be very public but it's often a very private and personal form of communication and the fashion blogging community is a very tight knit one. Isolated fashionistas have found a whole support network of like-minded people to exchange ideas and opinions with and as a seasoned blogger Jessica Coen of all people should understand that.