kim_columnpic.jpgKimberley Foster writes...

Is it just me, or does the thought of toddlers dressing better than myself seem a little, if not a lot, intimidating? Isn't it enough that the rug rats get all the attention from over-excited cheek squeezers in supermarkets, that they will now be able to dribble all over designer duds as well?

I ask this because of the news that Burberry is about to launch a childrenswear boutique inside Harrods. That's right, soon Katie Holmes-wannabes all over London, will be allowed to kit out their offspring in mini versions of next season's trenches, while I stick to the Harrods departments I can actually afford... the souvenir shop.


Pictured from L-R: Burberry childrenswear A/W 2008-9 ; Suri Cruise is a fan of Burberry.

It's not that I don't like kids, I do. I love my too-cute-for-words five-year-old cousin, but that's not the point. While I somewhat appreciate that there is a market for this type of thing, thanks very much Suri Cruise! It's the thought of four to ten-year-olds decked out head-to-toe in designer, that suddenly makes that 'lavish' purchase at Topshop of mine seem rather paltry. I'm still recovering from seeing little ones being allocated front row seats at London Fashion Week (including the gift bags, humph!)

But it's not even so much as that. Isn't the best part about being a kid that you can play in the dirt, and smear Marmite toast all over yourself without any thought of the consequences? Dressing them up in the latest Burberry mini quilted coat surely reduces this part. The fact that designer childrenswear is becoming one of the fastest growing areas in designer fashion, could be proof that the future of fashion shoppers lies in the hands of the Nickelodeon crowd. You can betcha last quid they'll be better dressed than you.