At CQ headquarters, clothes swapping is a fairly regular occurrence - one of the highlights of working in a predominantly female office. Around the country, the new trend of swap parties is both a fun way to catch up with friends, and to offload some of your unwanted threads (it's also a great way to help the environment). The recent Visa Swap is another example of how commercial companies are getting on board.

A new BBC2 programme, Twiggy's Frock Exchange, hosted by the Sixties model, will look at this new phenomenon. Want to get involved? Find out how after the jump...

The three-part series sees Twiggy presiding over a party where guests are invited to trade their clothes in order to create a new look, without spending a penny. It is due to be filmed next month, and the show is asking for participants to get involved, to swap and shop.

To apply to Twiggy's Frock Exchange email:
Or tel. 020 7307 2746 (Open to applicants over 17 years old. Must be UK residents only).

Note: Filming will take place in Hammersmith, London on the 6th, 13th and 14th August, 2008. For more information click here.