There is nothing like a bit of retail therapy to bring the family together, as was the case for the Stewart clan recently. Rod Stewart accompanied his daughters Kimberly and Ruby as they took over Harrods (no doubt with the help of daddy's credit card) on Friday. The sisters were dressed similarly in casual attire, comprising of short hems, black tights and jackets, with Kimberly opting for a racy pair of over-the-knee laced boots.

Perhaps the shopping spree was Rod's way of cheering up his eldest daughter. Why? Find out after the jump...

It has been reported that Rod is upset over Jude Law's recent treatment of Kimberly, who was seen kissing the actor at Essex nightspot, 195, before he moved onto Lily Cole.

A source told the Mirror: "Now that Jude has been linked to Lily, Rod is upset on his daughter's behalf. No father wants to see their child humiliated and hurt, and to an outsider, this is exactly what has happened."

I think the bigger question here is... what on earth was Jude Law doing at 195 in the first place?

[Image: Martin Stenning/Rex Features]