mirandakerr_orlandosplitupdate.jpgIt looks like love is still blooming for these two. Contrary to rumours that they had split, Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom have been spotted in Paris together over the weekend.

The couple were in town for Kerr, who was booked for a photo-shoot with Victoria's Secret on Saturday. According to those on scene, the actor helped his girlfriend load up her car, and kissed her hand through the window, before bumping into pal, Olivier Martinez, on the street.

Rumours of the couple's break-up raced around the world, after US magazine, In Touch, reported that Kerr had rebounded back into the arms of her ex, Brandon Davis.

But it now seems that those rumours have been put to rest, especially since the model's mother recently told The Daily Telegraph: "Miranda and Orlando have never been closer and are happier right now more so than ever. I realize there is an interest in people who are in the spotlight, but I just can't believe how far from the truth it gets."

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