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I hate chick flicks, but Leila's top 5 best and worst chick flicks had me nodding in agreement rather than my usual outpouring of steam from my aural orifices. [Dollymix]
Gwen Stefani has been named as one of the 19 designers who is recreating the iconic Dorothy of Oz red shoes to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the film. [Shoewawa]
The Topman Lens designers have been announced and I'm snap up some pieces to work into my wardrobe. I've got my eye on Mjolk's bright blue jacket. [Brandish]
Celebrities as emoticons, THAT'S the level of Friday kookiness we like to bring you, enjoy [Shiny Shiny]
Kelly wants us to guess the owner of the uber-cute Chanel charms bag. Never mind that, where can I get one and who will pay for it?! [The Bag Lady]