posheva_clothinglines.jpgWe are hearing plenty of rumblings from Victoria Beckham's direction this morning. Fox News is reporting that her dVb denim label could be in trouble once again, this time with her forthcoming menswear range put on hold.

It seems that the folks at Kitson aren't exactly singing Beckham's praises (yet again) following delays of her men's line, blamed on a poor response from potential retailers.

"In February, we picked up the men's line as a favor to support Victoria. They agreed to ship to us by end of July/August," Kitson's menswear buyer said. "The showroom also told us that at that point we were the only ones to have picked it up."

Meanwhile, Eva Longoria is rumoured to be seeking advice from pal Victoria on launching her own clothing line. (Argh, when will it end?!) Keep reading to find out more...

A rep for Beckham has denied reports that dVb is trouble, insisting that the menswear range is expected to hit stores by the holiday season. As we all know, this isn't the first time that the Kitson boutique has hit out at Beckham and her denim brand. I wonder what all this will mean for her planned collection of posh frocks, hmm...

>>> In other Victoria news, her BFF, Eva Longoria, is said to be considering starting a high-end fashion line of her own. Heck, she wouldn't be the first (refer to: WWD's 'delebrities' piece from yesterday, for instance). The actress is rumoured to be seeking business advice from her pal Vicky, although she might want a chat with Kitson buyers first.... Just a suggestion.

[Image: Sipa Press/Rex Features]