pixie_newlookrumour.jpgGoodness gracious, if what the tabloids are reporting really is correct, then every celeb under the sun will soon have their own clothing collection at New Look. Previously it was Beth Ditto who was rumoured to be designing for the retailer, she has since been linked with Evans. Now we're hearing rumblings that Pixie Geldof could be lining up her own range for the high street chain.

The Mirror has caught wind of rumours that Sir Bob's 17-year-old daughter has been offered £80,000 to design and model an eight-piece collection, with the possibility for further collections down the track.

Jeepers, that works out to £10k per item! At least she won't have to sell her old tat on eBay like big sister, Peaches...

"The deal is virtually identical to the one Lily Allen signed. But whereas Lily's was met with a slightly muted response, Pixie's is expected to race out of stores," a source told the newspaper.

"She is a stunning girl and intrinsically fashionable. She dresses totally uniquely and in a quirky, fun way. Money can't buy you style but Pixie flaunts hers effortlessly. She's a brilliant role model for young fashionistas."

Hmm... I'm not sure about 'brilliant role model', but at the moment, she certainly seems to have her head screwed on the right way. But as Elle UK discovered, a contract with the part-time model is yet to be signed, New Look told them: 'we admire Pixie's style very much and she is definitely someone we would like to work with in the near future'.

In other words, once again, it's probably wise not to hold your breath on this one.

[Image: Tatler magazine, July 2008 issue]