alix cherry blossom girl collection.jpg
DSR is blowing M&S' trumpet, and I'm inclined to lend a bit of puff. Timeless yet fashion forward looks suitable for anyone from 'twenty to sixty-odd' as DSR puts it. [Disney Rollergirl]
Beth has a spanking new website and is showing off an eye-catching collection of bold outfits [The Vintage Society]
It's not a blog, but it's the thrilling combination of Hadders and a quiz, so we'll overlook that. [The Guardian]

Amber is making brave life-changing decisions. This little turtle isn't ready to come out of it's shell but I'm wholeheartedly applauding her fearlessness! [Painfully Hip]
Alix has finished her collection (pictured above) for the Concours de Style, and it's pure unmistakeable Cherry Blossom Girl all the way. [Cherry Blossom Girl]