pick of the blogs sausage dog felt tip dress fernando brizio.jpgSausage dogs are the the height of fashion, in my mind anyway. Thanks go to Queen Marie for digging these out. [Kingdom of Style]
More wardrobe porn, what can I say I'm irredeemably nosy. Susie Bubble lets us see the extent of her clothes hoarding and lets us all breathe a collective sigh of relief in the process. I love the fact she's tagged her pictures as 'Wardis'... Tardis wardrobe anyone?? [Style Bubble]
Another slice of wardrobe nosiness, does anyone seriously take Polaroids of their shoes? I thought that was just for TV! [Fashionista Diary]

Admittedly this dress isn't that renewable, but inspired and awesome? Yes. [Swiss Miss]
Pippa's lent her djing skills to the recent Ponystep party before heading off to view A.P.C's Spring collection. [Shop at Maison B]