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Today's pick of the blogs has a treasure theme, our esteemed bloggers have been digging out exciting new fashion finds:

Eli has spotted some familiar looking heels at Forever21, and they are almost as nice as the real thing..eek! [Thrift Eye]
Fruchtwerg has also dug up some fashion booty, in the form of AA's multiway dress. [Fruchtwerg's Island]

Kirsty is letting us have a sneak peek at her appearance in Korean Vogue for a feature about bloggers [That's Just My Vibe]
LC's offering to the blogger gods is Baby Baby Baby, a great-looking new fanzine which hails from Mexico [Fops and Dandies]
This may not be an actual find, but Lalaliu's post on awesomeness is a gem of inspiration. Read, rinse and repeat. [Art Geek and Fashion Freak]