jourdandunn_stormagencynewrule.jpgStorm modelling agency founder, Sarah Doukas, has warned that the new health rules, as set out by the British Fashion Council's Model Health Inquiry, of which she is a panellist, could turn models off participating in London Fashion Week.

Doukas has told the Sunday Telegraph that the Inquiry's new rule which asks models to offer doctors certificates "attesting their good health", may cause them unnecessary anxiety.

"That is unrealistic. I think they [the certificates] are crazy - not a good idea. It will make some of the girls even more paranoid and freaked out about the weight thing, and they won't come to the UK market, they simply won't come to London Fashion Week. It will keep them away and they will stay in Paris and New York where they don't have to do it," she said.

Doukas, who represents Kate Moss and Jourdan Dunn (pictured above, left) also sounded off on various other issues in the industry, such as racism... "When Jourdan did the Prada show in Milan this year, she was the first black model to have done Prada in more than 10 years, which is ridiculous. Are clients racist? Well, some of them must be if they are not booking the beautiful black girls, but I can only hope that Jourdan breaking through means that things are slowly starting to change."

On the constant pressure on models to be thin... "Lily (Cole) recently came to me before the shows in Paris and said she was panicked that she wouldn't be able to fit into anything - she is a tall girl with a reasonable hip size. So we called Gaultier, Dior and Lacroix and told them to change the clothes to fit her. And they did. So why can't they do it for the other girls?"

On whether the industry will ever change its attitude to size zero... "Put it this way: not using such thin girls is against the odds and getting attitudes to change is like trying to turn a laden oil tanker in the middle of the Atlantic."

On working with Kate Moss... "She has a huge personality and is, quite simply, the coolest girl on the block. She works damn hard, she never complains about a job and has never conformed to any one style. When you know her well, you realise she is exceptional. There will never be another Kate. Ever."

On Carla Bruni's first modelling job with Kodak... "She was always super smart and sophisticated, but bit of an unknown then, and on the day of the shoot, I remember the president of Kodak turned up and was a bit surprised we didn't have a bigger name for them. Needless to say, by the end of the day, he was smitten, absolute putty. You see, cream always rises to the top."

[Image: Sipa Press/Rex Features]