lilycole_bloggingpoliticsandthecity.jpgWhen I discovered that Lily Cole had did a bit of bloggin' for June Sarpong's new website, I didn't waste a second in checking it out.

But sadly for us, it seems that the model isn't quite so forthcoming with the cosier details of her life as oppose to say... someone like Lily Allen (goshdarnit!)

Nevertheless, her blog for Politics and the City, did give us a teeny insight into one mad music-filled week of her life, darting between a Madonna gig and a Stevie Wonder concert in New Orleans.

If you can handle her unique style of writing, e.g. "[Stevie] gave a 20-minute speech before he began, which rose and fell between humour and tragedy. We ebbed and flowed with him on his wave, pulled by him". Erm... right-oh... Then go for it, only don't be looking for any juicy titbits on Jude Law...