britainsmissingtopmodelwinner08.jpgHave you been tuning into Britain's Missing Top Model on BBC3? If not, then you're probably unaware that Kelly Knox won the competition to find the UK's top disabled model.

The 23-year-old, who was born without a left arm, was put through six weeks of modelling tests alongside fellow contestants with disabilities ranging from deaf to brain injury.

Knox was named the winner last night, and scored a contract with Take 2 Model Management, together with a shoot in Marie Claire magazine (pictured left).

"In my household we don't use the word disabled. Never have done, never will do. I don't feel disabled but society will label me as being disabled," she said.

mischa barton marie claire 20th issue britain's missing top model.jpg

Marie O'Riordan, editor of Marie Claire added: "To get disability discussed on the sofas throughout the land is no mean feat and using a popular format of a reality show was a clever way of seducing viewers into a more complex world. We hope this does pave the way for girls with disabilities to get into modelling in the future."

Let's hope so. What a stunning girl, and a deserving winner.

[Source / Image: Marie Claire]