katemoss_vogueusaug08.jpgWhen I think about the the term 'ageless' (not that often I might add) I must confess, Kate Moss doesn't immediately spring to mind. And yet here she is gracing the August '08 cover of American Vogue, as was hinted at way back in May.

The supermodel looks poised and polished in her cream wool Louis Vuitton dress, also worn by Charlize Theron in this month's British Elle, erm... who mucked up that one?

But is it just me, or does Kate look about ten years older on this cover? Keep reading for more pics, and behind-the-scenes footage...


Click image to enlarge. [Photo: Mario Testino/Style.com]

It's no mistake that Sir Philip Green get a decent amount of coverage in this issue. In the lead-up to Topshop's first US store, it was bound to happen. But it is still interesting to read about her affection for the man that she refers to as 'Uncle Phil'.

"When she wants something, she calls me up and goes, 'Uncle Phil, Uncle Phil, please...'" Green says.

As for being one of the world's richest models and business women... "I like making money," she says, "but I don't call people up every day to see how much I've made. As long as I have what I need at the time; I mean, I can buy the house that I want. I am not completely money-oriented."

Click here read the full article. Or click play below to watch a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot with Mario Testino.