Instead of taking a step back, as originally planned, Justin Timberlake has become the face of his clothing label William Rast. The move came after new creative directors, Johan and Marcella Lindeberg, presented him with a new plan to portray William Rast as a character on the run with love interest, 'Birdie', played by model Erin Wasson. JT 'instantly loved it', and what resulted is a new chapter for the label, comprising of a multimedia campaign, set to launch later this month at williamrastmovie.com.

The campaign, titled My Name Is William Rast, will feature a series of web-based documentaries, which follows Rast and Birdie on the escape. Dressed head-to-toe in the sportswear and denim label, JT and Wasson appear in the dramatic footage, filmed on 16-mm. In addition to appearing in the campaign, Timberlake also wrote the score and contributed to the screenplay.

"You never really know who they are running from or what they are running toward," said Marcella. "But the characters are developed in such a way so we can carry the story on through seasons to come".

JT also appears in the current ad campaign for Givenchy's men's fragrance, Play! - click here to see the pics.

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