jen hudson_topshop.jpgJust because you are a huge mega star with millions to your name, an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and an enviable role as Carrie's fashionable sidekick in Sex and the City: The Movie, doesn't mean that you're strictly all about the labels.

Jennifer Hudson has opened up about her true fashion obsession. "My favorite place to go is Topshop. I love Topshop!" she told PEOPLE.

Erm... who doesn't?

The former American Idol contestant, also revealed that she had to force herself not to go into the British retail emporium.

"I made myself sit in the room so I would not go [this trip]! I knew I would spend too much money," she admitted. "[I spend] thousands! It's a lot. Sometimes I want a cart because there are so many levels. How much room can one store need? That's like my dream place!"

We hear ya, sister... I wonder if she has heard the news that Topshop is destined for New York this October?