isabelle ocarroll column pic.jpgIsabelle O'Carroll writes:

At Catwalk Queen we've got an exciting new feature in the pipeline, we're getting la crème de la crème of the blogosphere to show us the inside of their wardrobes. Everything from organisation tips and storage advice to heirloom pieces and scary wardrobe mistakes, all will be revealed starting from next week.

The CQ team will also be opening the doors to our 'drobes and I have been cleaning, sorting, re-organising and more importantly chucking out. I may not have a problem with anyone seeing me sans make-up but god forbid anyone should see my wardrobe au naturel!

I have a whole rail of vintage patterned knee-length dresses that don't feel right in the current fashion climate but there's no way I'm chucking them out. Ditto for my collection strange but handknitted jumpers.

What I have got rid of though has made me more wary of my future shopping habits. Top of the heap are some t-shirts from Primark, a few items from friends that never really gelled and some impulse sales buys. I will never stop accepting donations and I have to accept that sales shopping is in my blood but like Gemma mentioned yesterday I am trying to wean myself off the high street.

I'm not saying that high street shopping is bad per se, I do own a few great high street pieces (I'm looking at you, Uniqlo and COS!) and stores like Topshop and asos are great at churning out on-trend items but cheap or faddily trendy clothing always seems to wear you rather than the other way round. The pieces that do stand the test of time are funnily enough never those items of throwaway fashion.

One of my favourite items is a Margaret Howell pair of wide-leg trousers, they don't look particularly flashy or fancy but even in their most rumpled state they still look chic. Another one of my favourite pieces is a blue and white chequered shirt handmade by my grandma for herself many many years ago. We're the same size so it fits me perfectly and every time I wear it I think of her. Not mention the legions of M&S vintage, handmade tops and long-since defunct labels. Compared to these items with history the big retailers just can't compete, wear too many high street items at once and you risk looking like an identikit fashionista.

Clearing out my wardrobe has made me a lot more sure as to what my style is, as well as reminding me of long-forgotten purchases. Give it a go, and if you feel brave send us in your pictures and they could end up on Catwalk Queen!