Hands up who *didn't* own a hypercolour t-shirt back in the day. Hey, I said, if you didn't own one! So yeah. I'd hazard a guess there aren't many hands in the air right about now.
Well, the good news for all you freaky deaky colour-changing clothes lovers is... they're back. Apparently.

According to the LA Times, heat-activated clothing is "hot again" (haha). And they've suggested where you can get an armpit-sweat-highlighting piece of clothing of your very own.

First up is Henry Holland, who used heat sensitive fabrics in his spring/summer '08 collection 'Stephanie & Axl' to put together denim micro shorts, a mini t-shirt dress and of course, a tee. Totally Agy Deyn, or as the LA Times says, clothes entirely befitting the Fresh Prince of Bel Air (well, maybe Will Smith would've foregone the hotpants).

hoh_colourchangedress.jpg hoh_colourchangeshorts.jpg

Then there's American Apparel, who have gone down the more traditional Hypercolour route with their unisex Thermochromatic jersey t-shirt, which reminds me of the good ol' days when wearing random blotchy patches of colour was oh-so-cool.


LA-based Anzevino and Florence released their colourchange line of garments in December last year and are the perfect pieces to take you back to your 80s heyday. Nostalgia much?


And in case you were after something more, say, individual, you can also get custom tees made, like they do at Colour by the Sun. Maybe good for a cheesy (yet completely cool) holiday souvenir?


[via FabSugar]