It's hard to believe these frocks come from Marks & Spencer. I feel a bit like I'm banging my head against a big brick wall when I discuss the merits of the shop our mothers have been frequenting for ages, but I've lost track of the amount of times I've received compliments on M&S finds and shocked gasps when I've said where they're from.

These dresses represent the real extremes the brand has gone to in order to keep up with the Joneses. Take the leather zip-up dress (£149). It's M&S gone S&M! Meanwhile, the voluminous pure silk leopard dress (£65) is a really tricky shape and makes even the tiny model look big, but I reckon with a chunky belt and big sunnies on the right Olsen twin-esque girl, it has a certain 70s appeal. Both are really tricky looks, but I applaud M&S for sneaking them in next to the jersey wrap dresses and classic cardigans.