Do you wish that you could look like Peaches Geldof? And no, I'm not talking here either! Now you can actually wear the clothes literally off the socialite's back, since she has taken to flogging her threads on eBay. We're not sure whether daddy Sir Bob has decided to disinherit his daughter (there was that horrible drug dealer incident recently) but Peaches is auctioning off vintage, designer and high street pieces online, as we speak.

According to the Sunday Mirror, since moving into her new Islington flat with pals (simply referred to on the auction site as 'Tahnee' and 'Linda'), Peaches has more clothes than she knows what to do with. And what's a gal to do in such a situation? Hit eBay of course.

Although they claim they will donate a 'percentage of profits to charity', we didn't realise Peaches was so hard up.

So what's on offer? A host of dresses, mostly vintage-inspired, including a black chiffon evening frock designed by Julia Clancy (current bid £21 - yes, really), lots of Topshop garb, and a 1980s vintage pink jacket bought in New York (current bid £40). Click here to see what else is on sale.

So far, there hasn't been a huge demand for the items, most are sitting around the £20-£30 mark (maybe sister Pixie's goods would sell better?!) But at these low prices why wouldn't you get bidding?