tinafrockhorror.jpgTina Hobley gave birth to a daughter in mid-April, so she's looking pretty damn good for a new mum. That said, I can't understand why she'd want to wear something so skimpy to the the Cartier Polo. I know it was a hot day, but that's no excuse!

For an event that's attended by royalty, I just think this dress is far too short. There seemed to be a bit of a theme at the Polo this weekend, with TV stars playing 'how high can your hemline go'. I'm sure Prince Charles was loving it.

Obviously, this is not a frock horror of giant proportions, but I beg you look at the pic here as well. The shape of this dress is what I don't understand. It almost looks as if it's been torn last minute to create the 'V' that wraps around the neck, and the rest just hangs there, not really doing anything to flatter. If she'd pulled it down a bit, it would have been fine.